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Long Crochet Vest

Long Vest 4I saw a really cool crochet vest on an online shopping site and thought to myself “no need to buy, I’ll make one for myself!”.  I had some chocolate brown 4ply cotton leftover from another project so decided to use that, and embarked what turned out to be a nearly 5 month project!

I have to say that one of the reasons it took so long was a certain element of disillusionment.  The “pattern” wasn’t really a pattern.  i.e. it was incomplete and was more of a guide that the lovely Natalia Kononovahad put together and shared online.  There were bits that I just couldn’t follow, and so there was an element of having to make it up as I went along.

Furthermore, I woefully underestimated the cotton required, so the ‘leftovers’ weren’t enough.  To add more pain to the issue, the additional cotton I bought was a different batch and a different colour…something that I hadn’t noticed until too far into the making.

I knew going into this project that there was a element of unknowns.  The lady who put together the guide fully disclosed that it was incomplete.  However all of the issues I had to deal with along the way, then compounded by the colour mismatch, meant that this was probably the most unenjoyable project I’ve done to date.  Oh, and I think I made it too long!

It’s also why I finished it in mid March this year, but only just blocked it and tried it on yesterday (in July).  Hopefully I’ll wear it when summer comes along.  I do think it looks ok, but would prefer it one granny square row shorter.

Oh well….onwards and upwards!  Lessons learnt!  🙂

If you want the pattern, try this link: http://www.outstandingcrochetblog.com/2014/06/freepatterncrochetlongvest.html

A number of the links I had no longer work, and of course I can’t share the copy of the pattern that I copied down at the time.  I see that the lady who put together the guide (Natalia Kononova) has now got a similar long vest pattern for sale on her site which looks amazing.   http://www.outstandingcrochet.com/.