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Easy Knitted Mesh Scarf

Nina Mesh ScarfI was wandering around Spotlight (as you do when they’ve got a 40% off all Yarn Sale on) and started to eye up those ‘weird’ yarns that they stock in the Moda Vera range.  They have names like “Nina Mesh”, “Nelly Bobble Mesh” and “Avery” just to name a few.  They usually have a sample hanging near the yarn, but I could never work out how they actually made the sample.  Well, the mystery is over!  There just happened to be a demonstration being held to show how to use these types of yarn.  The worrying bit was it it involved knitting, which I haven’t done since I was about 15…and I never enjoyed it.  Still, this seemed like a quick and very easy project so I thought I’d give it a whirl!

I went for the Nina Mesh yarn in Beige, and had to buy some knitting needles (5 1/2mm)…and then I had to strain my memory on how to actually knit!  haha.  The pattern on the back of the ball band was SO easy, and I made fast work of a really pretty scarf…two evenings in front of the TV was all it took!

There are a lot more patterns on the Spotlight website, but since this particular one isn’t online I quickly typed it up for you:

Nina Mesh Scarf

Width: approx 10 cm
Length: approx 150 cm


1 Ball Moda Vera Nina Mesh yarn

Cont = Continue
st(s) = Stitch(es)

Use 5/5mm needles

To cast on sts stretch the mesh open and lay flat.  You wll see that the one side edge is mesh the other side edge is more bulky with an edging yearn.  Work on the mesh side edge only.  You will be working along the top row of holes on mesh side edge of the yarn, leaving he rest of the yarn to form a frill.  You will be using these top holes as it they are a length of yarn.

Cast on by inserting needle into a hole along mesh side edge – this is your first st, insert needle into next hole – this is your second st, repeat until you have 6 sts on needle.

Swap the needle with the 6 sts on it into your left hand.  Insert remaining 5.5mm needle through the first st (loop) on needle as if to knit keeping mesh open (as before), wind the mesh around as if to knit slipping the next large hole onto right-hand needle, then complete the st by pulling through first st (loop) on left-hand needle, cont to knit every st in this manner to end…1 row garter st.
Cont in garter st until the yarn is almost finished taking care to leave enough yarn to cast off.
Neaten scarf by threading ends into a yarn needle and working them into the scarf.  Shake out scar to get the full effect of the ruffles.