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mouse-loveysIn my last post I mentioned that I’ve finally started to use Pintrest. Part of me thinks “Why didn’t I get into this earlier? I’ve missed out on finding all that inspiration”, but the other part of me thinks “Phew! Imagine who much more I would have spent on yarn!” Anyway, I’m now totally hooked, so no point dwelling on the past…. Whilst I was surfing around looking to continue with the theme of toys to crochet, I came across something called a Lovey. Here in New Zealand, I think kids tend to have a favourite “Blankie”, so maybe they are the same thing, but different terminology.

bunny-lovey-2Anyway…..how cute!!! The first one I made was a super cute bunny, and was quick and easy to make with a basic granny square style blanket. The mistake I made with this one, was that I didn’t use machine washable wool….the drool factor should have been taken into account when selecting the yarn!

A friend was keen to buy one as a gift, so I made another one, this time using machine washable wool. I found a cute Mouse pattern, so only made the head and the arms. I then used a lovely star shaped pattern for the blanket….which no doubt I’ll use again for a larger blanket.  The two that I have made are both about 30 cm in diameter.

These are a really nice alternative to making a blanket for a new born, which is what I usually do, so I have no doubt that I’ll be expanding into other cute animals in the near future!