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Butter Frosting

461985_3054544603086_1557485753_oWhen I make cupcakes, my default position for the icing is to use Butter Frosting.  I think is the partly because it’s really easy to make, but probably mostly because it’s so delicious!

Here is the basic recipe that I use for 2 dozen cupcakes.

Butter Frosting


150gm softened butter
3 C Icing Sugar
1-2 T hot water
Food coloring


I beat the butter for a short while in my mixer, then add the icing sugar 1 cup at a time.  Be sure to really beat this (2-3 minutes minimum).  Add 1 tablespoon of water initially, then add more water if necessary.  Add your food coloring and flavour.  You are looking for a  ‘fluffy’ consistency.  It will be harder to pipe if it is too stiff.

If you want to be a little creative, you can divide the mixture in half and make two different colors.  Carefully place the frosting on only 1 side of the piping bag, then fill up the other side with the other color.  This can create a really great effect, as you can see with these cupcakes.