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Cute Little Booties

I was in-between crochet projects when the neighbours daughter gave birth to their first grand-daughter.  I had seen on Pintrest a set of booties that were consider quick and extremely easy to make, so I thought I’d whip up a couple of pairs.

Crossover Booties 1I have to say that I didn’t find the pattern very easy to follow, which seems surprising when you know that it’s a basic “T” shape, but I couldn’t understand the “ch 2” at the beginning of each row and then skipping the first SC from the previous row.  If you google “Crossover Booties for Crochet” you’ll easily find the pattern which is by Louise Mac.  I ended up ditching my efforts and searched for an alternative pattern.

I found another pattern on You Tube that used Half Double Crochet stitches, and logically the pattern made more sense to me.  This pattern is by Jayda Institches and are called Wrap-Style booties.  You can find the video here.

The second pair that I made were with 4 ply Merino yarn.  I followed the basics of the pattern, but converted it to:

Ch 41, DC 39 x 4 rows.
ST into the 4th row to start the middle section.  I can’t remember exactly which stitch I used, but I’m sure you can work it out.  Then DC 9 stitches x 7 rows.  I made some cute little flowers and stitched them on.

Crossover Booties 2

They certainly are extremely cute, and I think that you could easily adjust the pattern to make different sized booties.  And there would of course be lots of fun options for little motifs to attach to them.


Cable Stitch using Crochet

Cable Blanket 2I wanted to challenge myself with some new patterns, and so found a pattern for a blanket that produced a cable effect that I’ve only previously associated with knitting.

I had a good look around the internet and on Ravelry and decided on the “Cable your Love” Blanket by Nirmal Khalsa which you can find on Ravelry.

My original plan was to make an entire blanket in one colour, which I’ve never done before.  But half way through making it, I had to put the project on hold and whip up a baby blanket for someone who’s baby had arrived early (i.e. I hadn’t yet made their blanket).  I used some of the yellow yarn, and knew that I wasn’t going to have enough to finish the Cable stitch blanket.  I couldn’t risk buying some more and having a different batch that didn’t quite match…something that is really obvious when it’s all one colour.  So, I added two white panels, and as far as the stitches went, the end result was that only the middle panel was according to the pattern.  I just mixed and matched the cable stitches from the pattern for the thinner panels.

I hemmed it with a simple *dc 2, ch 2, dc 2* in every 4th stitch, then a second row of single crochets.

Cable Blanket 1

The final product was quite a heavy blanket, which is really only one sided.  It was great to give something new a go, and initially I did find it quite challenging so mission accomplished! 🙂

Superbly Simple Blanket

Michael Powar Baby Blanket 2Over the years I have managed to set an precedent that if I know you, and you’re having a baby, you can expect to get a pram sized baby blanket from me.  This goes for all the men that I work with too.

One of my staff’s wife was pregnant with their first child, so I had mentally put that into my crochet calendar that I have in my head.  I was part way through making a cable stitch blanket, when low and behold….baby arrives early, and was actually born in an ambulance on the side of the highway!  Crisis on the blanket front since I hadn’t even started it!

Ravely to the rescue; I found the “Superbly Simply Blanket” by Heather C Gibbs.  And superbly simple, it was!  And fast……perfect!

Michael Powar Baby Blanket 1I give the borders of my blankets quite a bit of consideration; not all edges suit all patterns and the wrong border can ruin the look of a great blanket.  I thought that this blanket needed something simple, and I needed something that was going to be quick so went with the Reverse Single Crochet Stitch, which I’ve never used before.  You can google it, or you can find it here on Dummies.com.


Enchanted Garden Blanket

Enchanted Garden Blanket 2The New Zealand Summer of 2016/2017 will probably go down in records as being one of the lousiest Summers we’ve ever had.  It was cold, wet and windy right through December, January and February.  In March Summer decided to finally make a brief appearance before Autumn arrived.

The only up side to having a Summer that feels like Winter, is that the crocheting may continue (sometimes having a wool blanket on my knee while I stitch it can be just too hot in Summer).

The ‘theme’ for this blanket, when I went searching for a pattern, was to make something with granny squares around the edge, as opposed to being 100% made up from squares.  I found this really sweet looking “Enchanted Garden” granny square by Claire Norden, that became the basis for the design.  As usual, I used 8 ply machine washable wool, given that I was making it for use by a baby or toddler.

Enchanted Garden BlanketI was very happy with the overall look of the blanket….so much so that it has been put away for now.  I love the colour combination and some day I hope that it will brighten up someone’s nursery.


mouse-loveysIn my last post I mentioned that I’ve finally started to use Pintrest. Part of me thinks “Why didn’t I get into this earlier? I’ve missed out on finding all that inspiration”, but the other part of me thinks “Phew! Imagine who much more I would have spent on yarn!” Anyway, I’m now totally hooked, so no point dwelling on the past…. Whilst I was surfing around looking to continue with the theme of toys to crochet, I came across something called a Lovey. Here in New Zealand, I think kids tend to have a favourite “Blankie”, so maybe they are the same thing, but different terminology.

bunny-lovey-2Anyway…..how cute!!! The first one I made was a super cute bunny, and was quick and easy to make with a basic granny square style blanket. The mistake I made with this one, was that I didn’t use machine washable wool….the drool factor should have been taken into account when selecting the yarn!

A friend was keen to buy one as a gift, so I made another one, this time using machine washable wool. I found a cute Mouse pattern, so only made the head and the arms. I then used a lovely star shaped pattern for the blanket….which no doubt I’ll use again for a larger blanket.  The two that I have made are both about 30 cm in diameter.

These are a really nice alternative to making a blanket for a new born, which is what I usually do, so I have no doubt that I’ll be expanding into other cute animals in the near future!

Long Crochet Vest

Long Vest 4I saw a really cool crochet vest on an online shopping site and thought to myself “no need to buy, I’ll make one for myself!”.  I had some chocolate brown 4ply cotton leftover from another project so decided to use that, and embarked what turned out to be a nearly 5 month project!

I have to say that one of the reasons it took so long was a certain element of disillusionment.  The “pattern” wasn’t really a pattern.  i.e. it was incomplete and was more of a guide that the lovely Natalia Kononovahad put together and shared online.  There were bits that I just couldn’t follow, and so there was an element of having to make it up as I went along.

Furthermore, I woefully underestimated the cotton required, so the ‘leftovers’ weren’t enough.  To add more pain to the issue, the additional cotton I bought was a different batch and a different colour…something that I hadn’t noticed until too far into the making.

I knew going into this project that there was a element of unknowns.  The lady who put together the guide fully disclosed that it was incomplete.  However all of the issues I had to deal with along the way, then compounded by the colour mismatch, meant that this was probably the most unenjoyable project I’ve done to date.  Oh, and I think I made it too long!

It’s also why I finished it in mid March this year, but only just blocked it and tried it on yesterday (in July).  Hopefully I’ll wear it when summer comes along.  I do think it looks ok, but would prefer it one granny square row shorter.

Oh well….onwards and upwards!  Lessons learnt!  🙂

If you want the pattern, try this link: http://www.outstandingcrochetblog.com/2014/06/freepatterncrochetlongvest.html

A number of the links I had no longer work, and of course I can’t share the copy of the pattern that I copied down at the time.  I see that the lady who put together the guide (Natalia Kononova) has now got a similar long vest pattern for sale on her site which looks amazing.   http://www.outstandingcrochet.com/.


Joining Granny Squares

I had some 4 ply merino wool that I wanted to use up.  The easiest way seemed to just make a bunch of granny squares.  Easy peasy.

Lounge Blanket 3Then it came to joining them.  In the past I have either sewn them together, or used a single crochet stitch.  Sewing them together gives a nice flat finish on both sides, whereas crocheting them together leaves a ridge on either the front or the back depending on which you choose.  On the blanket shown to the left, I used it as part of the detail of the blanket.  Both are nice, so it just depends on the look you are after.  Some say that it should be on the wrong side, but I figure it’s all about what you like the look of.

For this latest blanket I thought I’d try something new, since the squares themselves were pretty plain.  I had seen a lovely style in the past when looking on the internet, so after a little bit of Googling, I worked out it was called “Flat Braid Crochet Join”.  I found this really good tutorial that uses different coloured wool so it was easy to follow.  The link is here.  I used chains of 5 on the sides, and 7 on the corners because the 3/5 combo was a bit tight and I got curling of the corners.  I haven’t quite finished my blanket yet, but here is a photo of what I have done so far:

4 Ply Blanket 1

Whilst I was doing my investigation about what type of method I wanted to use, I also found this great tutorial on the “Zipper” method which is flat.  I will definitely give that a go in the future.

I also found this video for the “Grafting” method which also looks really interesting.

Of course the worst part of doing all of this internet searching is that my brain is now overloaded with so many inspirational ideas!  I’ll have to hurry up and finish the blanket I’m working on so that I can get onto the next project!!