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Get your skin glowing!

Besan FlourI seem to have too much time on my hands at the moment…why else would I be watching day time television, namely Dr Oz.  On the episode that I watched, he had asked some so-called big name places to advise on <$5 remedies for at home use.  One of them caught my eye…..it allegedly helps to brighten and exfoliate your skin!  Naturally I could help myself from giving it a go…what woman wouldn’t?

There were only 3 basic ingredients, Chickpea Flour, Turmeric, and Milk.  Apparently Turmeric has anti-inflammation qualities.  After finally working out that in New Zealand we call Chickpea Flour (a.k.a. Gram Flour) Besan Flour, I was set to go!

I have to say that my face definitely felt exfoliated afterwards.  Next time I would be more careful about applying a more even coating so that it dries evenly.  In places where it was very dry, it was quite difficult to remove.   Next time I think I’ll apply to the back of my hands too.

While I waited for my face to dry, I found quite a bit of evidence on the internet that this is indeed quite a widely used face pack, and there seemed to be a lot of general use for Besan Flour such as body scrubs.  This site here had a list of uses: The Times of India

Here’s the recipe:
2 T Chickpea (Gram / Besan) Flour
1/2 T Turmeric
2 T Milk

Mix to a smooth thick paste.  Smear over face, avoiding eye area.  Leave on for 20-30 minutes then rub off.

Turmeric is chronic for staining, so be VERY careful about what you are wearing!