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Superbly Simple Blanket

Michael Powar Baby Blanket 2Over the years I have managed to set an precedent that if I know you, and you’re having a baby, you can expect to get a pram sized baby blanket from me.  This goes for all the men that I work with too.

One of my staff’s wife was pregnant with their first child, so I had mentally put that into my crochet calendar that I have in my head.  I was part way through making a cable stitch blanket, when low and behold….baby arrives early, and was actually born in an ambulance on the side of the highway!  Crisis on the blanket front since I hadn’t even started it!

Ravely to the rescue; I found the “Superbly Simply Blanket” by Heather C Gibbs.  And superbly simple, it was!  And fast……perfect!

Michael Powar Baby Blanket 1I give the borders of my blankets quite a bit of consideration; not all edges suit all patterns and the wrong border can ruin the look of a great blanket.  I thought that this blanket needed something simple, and I needed something that was going to be quick so went with the Reverse Single Crochet Stitch, which I’ve never used before.  You can google it, or you can find it here on