Crocheted Jellyfish

jellyfish-2A few weeks ago I branched out to making a “3d” Poinsettia flower….just to try something new and challenge my crocheting skills.  It was such fun, I thought I could continue somewhat on that theme and play round with making some crochet toys (‘scuse the pun); something I hadn’t done since my early days of crocheting.  I’ve recently started using Pintrest (yes…I was slow on the uptake of it) and found loads of inspiration. Somewhere along the way I spotted these really cute Jellyfish, which subsequently I found on Ravelry too, along with a wonderful free pattern!

jellyfish-1I had some 4 ply acrylic mix “cotton” (as opposed to “wool”) yarn in solid colours and matching multi-colored yarn which was perfect for this type of toy. The first one was so cute, the neighbour immediately offered to buy it for her a friend of hers. I then made a pink one, and she snatched that one up for her impending granddaughter. By then I was on a role, so I bought some more yarn in “ocean” type colours, and a beautiful pale yellow yarn that came with matching multi-colored yarn, both in 8 ply which made larger ones and seemed a bit more ‘substantial’.

jellyfish-3They were easy to make, and quick. I varied the fourth one and added a little ‘fringe’ to the body of the jellyfish. I like the look, so will probably do that to any I make in the future.

jellyfish-4You can find the wonderful easy to follow instructions here. I have noticed that the heads of my jellyfish are more rounded that the examples in the instructions. Looking at the Projects on Ravelry it seems that this varies a bit from maker to maker, so if you specifically wanted the more oval/flat look for the head, then maybe monitor the shape as you go…..having said that, maybe if you put a stich from the bottom up to the top, it would create that shape…..something to play around with to get the look you are after.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Pleeeease take the designers warning about choking hazards seriously. I have advised all recipients that the eyes are a potential choking hazard, so if given to a baby/toddler, this is ornamental, not a toy.



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