Monthly Archives: October 2016

Christmas Poinsettia

The other week I saw this gorgeous looking “3D” poinsettia that had been crocheted….someone had tagged me via Facebook.

It looked like something totally different to make from my usual blanket, so gave it a whirl.

Ta Daaaaa!


I got the pattern from a YouTube video by a Mary J Handmade.  It’s very cute, and stands on the wires that I used.

I used 3 ply cotton, but probably should have used 5ply.  I used 24 gauge wire that I bought from a local craft store, and some brown crepe paper for the stem.  The video shows how to make the stamens from crepe paper, but I made mine from glass (just cos I can).


Large Blanket for the Lounge

large-lounge-blanket-2Back in 2013 I made a lovely blanket for our lounge, in rich red, browns and cream.  The colours suited our house perfectly.  One evening, in winter last year, we had friends over for dinner.  Afterwards we were relaxing and chatting on the sofa.  One of our friends said she was a little chilly and grabbed the blanket to put over her knee…and her husband took the opportunity to cuddle up.  Then ensued a raft of complaints that the blanket wasn’t anywhere near large enough to put over two people’s knees.  Crisis!  Or as I like to think of it….and opportunity to make another one.

So, over the course of this winter (no chance of course of me getting my act together over summer) I embarked on making a larger blanket.  I ended up using the same colours as the smaller blanket, with the addition of an oat colour.  This was somewhat driven by the limitation of wool available in little ole New Zealand.

I began in mid-May (the beginning of winter here) and have only just today finished it….in time for spring!  The pattern is a DROPS Design and was easy to follow (130-6 Like a Wildflower) which you can find easily on Ravelry.  The pattern calls for cotton, but as mentioned, we are somewhat limited here and I didn’t want to buy over the internet and risk the colours being wrong.  When I had “finished” crocheting all the squares together I thought that it looked too long and thin, so added an addition column.  I finished with a Treble Scallop edging.

I am very pleased with the final result, and love that the cream flowers are raised (I did steam iron flat to a certain extent as they were curled inwards).

And, the blanket is definitely large enough for two people to cuddle up together and keep warm with!