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Lace Cotton Cushion Take 2

Not too long after I’d started crocheting, I decided to make a ‘lace’ cushion for the living room.  In my mind it was a beautifully detailed pattern of brown yarn, with a red background.  Unfortunately I used 8ply wool, because that’s what I mostly crocheted with at that point.  Here is a photo of what I made.

Cushion 1Cushion 2

It is essentially eight different “granny rectangles” made using patterns that move side to side, rather than around a centre.  I edged them with rows of double crochet stitch, which was a mistake because it makes it look too chunky.


Two years later I realised that it was time to try re-making the cushion and see if I could make what I’d envision initially.  I was still happy with the colour choice of brown and red, since our living room is based on those two colours.  I decided to make it with Panda Regal 4 ply cotton, which would show the detail of the stiches a lot more than wool.  After a big search on what pattern to use, I decided to go ith what is called a Cotton Smile Motif that I found on Ravelry (Love that site!).  The only pattern I could find is on the Ravelry site, so you’d have to log into there to get it.

Below is a photo of the final result.  Again I used a plain red cotton fabric as the cushion, which I made and stuffed.  I joined the squares as I worked, and then just tied knots to join them on the sides.  I am much happier with Take Two!  It is definitely a lot closer to what I had envisioned two years ago.

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