!HOT! Chili Sauce

Chili SauceMy husband is a BIG chili pepper fan so for the past few years we’ve always had one or two plants.  Some were successful (aka produced hot chilies, and lived), some not so much.  Unfortunately over Winter last year our two best plants died for some unknown reason.  The big problem, come Summer was that neither of us could remember what type of chili they were.

Chili PlantsSo, “Operation Chili Plant” was started.  We bought 6 different plants and have slowly over the Summer been testing them.  We’ve planted Apache, Fatalii, Habenaro, Serrano, Jalapeno and Thai Chili Hot.  In hindsight, we probably could have just looked on the Scoville Scale and used that as a guide….but oh well.  Getting Hubby to eat them is much more entertaining.

Most of the plants did really well, especially the Fatalii and Serrano plants.  We have patiently been waiting for them to turn red and over the Summer have picked a few, drying them either naturally or in the oven on a low heat (80degC) for 3-4 hours then grinding them into Chili Flakes.

Chili Sauce 2The past weekend we picked a big batch and decided to make Chili Sauce.  We searched the internet for recipes and came across this great site with a number of options.  We decided on the Fatalii Hot Sauce, but pretty much used all the chilis we had, so didn’t limit it to just Fataliis.

I have not tried the sauce….quite frankly I’m too scared to.  Hubby says it’s HOT HOT HOT!  Perfect!  Well….for him anyway.



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