Cotton Christening Blanket

Cotton Blanket 1I had only ever crocheted using wool as the yarn, and wanted to give Cotton a try.  It seemed to me that the detail of the stitches was more apparently with cotton so presented quite a different look to wool.

I decided to go with a Granny Square blanket so toyed with some ideas and finally settled on a pattern which I blogged about a short while ago.  That in itself was an new experience because I had somewhat ‘winged’ the pattern and when I drew it out it was complex enough that I wasn’t confident that someone else would be able to follow it.  Thanks to AmigurumiBB who trialed it for me, I ironed out the awkward bits and posted the final version:  “Stunning Cotton Granny Square

Cotton Blanket 3Well, several months later (Yip!  It took me that long!) I have finished the blanket.  What a mission!  The granny square was so detailed that on average I only made 1 per evening.  Mind you, I did make some other bits and pieces in between, such as the gorgeous baby blanket for a friend of mind and Minon hats.

I stitched the squares together, rather than crochet them.  I really like the border that I went for…but that’s probably another post sometime later……

I hope you like the blanket.  My next issue is wondering what to do with it……..


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