Baby blankets are such a joy to make

Karen's Blanket 3I love making baby blankets.  Partly this is because of the simple reason of why you are making one….a cute little baby is about to enter the world, and there’s all that joy that comes with it.  The other reason is because they are usually lovely to crochet.  The ones I make send to not be granny squares, and there’s something nice about simply crocheting, and not having to stitch bits together.

So, it will come as no surprise that when a long standing girlfriend of mine announced that she was pregnant I rushed to my local yarn store and stocked up on cream, blue and pink balls of wool.  The yarn that I chose is made here in New Zealand by Countrywide Yarns Ltd and is 100% pure new wool 8 ply (double knit).   I choose this particular yarn for baby blankets because it’s also machine washable!  No new mother needs to be worrying about hand washing.

I really love the pattern that I chose for this blanket.  It was pretty straight forward, produced an interesting pattern and allowed me to do stripes with the blue and pink.  Part way through making this particular blanket, my friend announced that she was having a boy!  So, I make the final edging in blue, and incorporated blue ribbon so make it a bit more ‘blue’ than ‘pink’.

Karen's Blanket 1You can get the Bernat pattern from here:

I used a 5mm hook because my tension tends to be a little tight and used 9 balls of yarn.  The pattern uses 350g of wool (equivalent to 7 balls) but I did another couple of sections.


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