Cute Bunny Booties

When I first started crocheting, I made a few blankets….nice easy pieces….which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Then I started getting more adventurous and decided to make some booties.  One of the first pairs that I made was adorable pink Bunny Booties.  The pattern was not too difficult…or so I thought.  I soon realized that one of the challenges with making booties is that you have to make two the same size….your tension, and every stitch had to be consistent.

Bunny BootteesWhilst I’m sure there was some really good learnings here, it was enough to put me off.  Below are the booties I made.  I’ve made one other pair, but have essentially hung up my ‘bootie hook’.

Of course the other irony, is after going through the pain of making these booties, no one I know has had a girl!  Everyone has been producing boys, and pink bunny booties just don’t seem right.  So now they are sitting in a drawer waiting for an owner.

I found the pattern for these here.


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