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Minion Cupcakes

Minion Cupcakes 1It’s out with the Angry Birds…and in with Minions!

It seems that Minions have taken over Angry Birds in the popularity stakes….now it’s all about Despicable Me!  My friend’s son’s first birthday was approaching and she asked if I would help her make the cake for the party.  We agreed that since I’d crocheted her son a Minion hat, it would be super cute for him to wear it, and have a Minion theme to the party.

We tossed around a few ideas on what to do, and in the end came up with fondant faces on top of cupcakes.  This suited me, as I could use my Chocolate Cupcake recipe that makes 2 dozen cupcakes per batch.  We topped them with yellow butter frosting, and the gorgeous little faces that we made.

I didn’t take photos of our process, but here it is in a nutshell.  We completed each step in full, so that the fondant didn’t dry before being applied (e.g. we cut all the faces we needed, before moving on to step 2)


Bright Yellow fondant
Black fondant
Grey Fondant
Black icing pen
Queen Glitter Gel Writing Icing – Silver
Wilton Candy Eyes
Small amount of royal icing


  1. Roll out the yellow fondant and make the round faces.
  2. Cut half circles and apply to the candy eyes for Eye Lids.
  3. Roll out grey fondant, and make spectacles.  We used a large Wilton icing tip, followed by a ‘standard’ tip to cut out the.  Gently push down around the edge of the eyes, and set aside.
  4. Roll out the black fondant, very thinly.  Cut into thin strips.  Brush across the middle of the yellow face with a small amount of water and lay the black fondant on.  Press gently to make it flat.
  5. Make a small indent with your finger for the position of the eyes, and then brush with a very small amount of water.  Put a small amount of royal icing on the back of the candy eye and then position eye(s) onto the face.
  6. Apply a small amount of glitter gel around on the grey fondant.
  7. Draw mouths and hair with black icing pen.

You could make your own eyes, with white and black fondant.  We ran out of eyes, so did this too.


Mini Christmas Pudding Bites

Mini Chrismas Pudding Bite 3I’m sure there is some irony to the fact that most of us can’t wait for the end of the year, so we can relax, but instead it’s the busiest time of year.  Most people have events to go to nearly every day….I know I do.  Everyone waits until Christmas before they get in touch with ‘we must meet up for a catch up’!  In between all  of this, there are office functions, and this year my team decided to have a breakfast over our last meeting of the year.

There was loads of yummy food laid out….croissants, smoked salmon, cheese, fruit etc.  Naturally I had stuck my hand up to provide something sweet to eat at the end of the meal.

Since I’m so flat out after work catching up with everyone, I decided to turn to the quickest and easiest thing I could think to make, which is also delicious….and involves chocolate!

They don’t really have a name, so I guess I’ll call them ‘Mini Christmas Pudding Bites”.


Mini Chrismas Pudding Bite 11 Christmas Pudding (store bought – I buy the Earnest Adams Golden Fruit one as more people like it)
1 T Brandy (Or Orange juice)
125gm Milk or Dark Chocolate Melts
100gm White Chocolate Melts
Topping decoration (Dried Cranberries, candy stars or candy holly etc)


  1. Mini Chrismas Pudding Bite 2Tip the pudding out of the container and cut off the ‘waxy’ top.
  2. Place in a bowl and using a fork, mash up the pudding
  3. Mix the brandy through
  4. Roll portions into tablespoon sized balls (or slightly smaller if you need it to go further).
  5. Place on waxed paper and push down so that they have a flat bottom.  You want them to look like mini puddings
  6. Melt the milk chocolate, and spoon over the top of each ball.  Wait for it to harden.
  7. Melt the white chocolate, and spoon over the top of the darker chocolate, and place the topping decoration on while the chocolate is still soft.
  8. Store in a cool place.