Christmas Decorations – Washington Fur Drop

Washington Fur Drop 6I was feeling a bit low, after having to put one of our darling kitty cats to sleep (she had cancer).  One of my friends had great timing in asking if I’d go to a Christmas decoration demo at The Christmas Heirloom Company.  Evidently she was somewhat aware that I LOVE Christmas (the number of decorations I put up at Christmas might have been a give-away).

At this event there were two demonstrations, the first was how to put your lights on the tree.  Given that I put 4-5 sets on my tree, I already have this one pretty much nailed, but it’s always good to either a: confirm you’re approaching it in a good way or b: get a new idea of how to do it. The second demonstration what how to decorate a Washington Fur Drop.  I didn’t even know what one was, so I was excited to see that the story was here.

The long and sort of it was that I loved what the lady put together, and promptly bought two, plus the bits I needed to decorate it.  Below are the steps I took to ‘joosh’ up my drop:

Here is my ‘naked’ Washington Fur Drop.  As you can see, it comes with small pine cones already attached.  The first step was the spread out the branches so that it had a nice even shape.

Washington Fur Drop 2

Here are the bits of decoration that I bought to put in my drop.  They include 5 ‘picks’ of berries, 3 gold Poinsettias, and 2.5 metres of red and gold wire ribbon.  We were advised to always go with odd numbered decorations.

Washington Fur Drop 1

The berry picks came bunched together, so I had to spread the branches out. Washington Fur Drop 3

The next step was to push the stem of the berries up into the foliage, working from the bottom of the drop, upwards.  They can be secured with the flexible branches, and blended in between them.

Washington Fur Drop 4

Then you do the same with the poinsettias.  I pushed the last one (at the top) into the foliage from the top.

Washington Fur Drop 5

Then I made the bow (outside to limit the glitter effect on the carpet) and attached it to the top of the drop using one of the smaller branches (there is one conveniently in the middle at the top).  And ta-dah!  Done!  I can’t believe how quickly I put this together.  All up it probably took me 15 minutes, and the second one I made was even quicker.  The trickiest bit was making the bow.  I had to go from memory, but luckily it wasn’t very hard.  I tried to find a demo on line in case you are interested.  I did find this demo, which actually is how to made a very cool wreath too 🙂


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