How to join two balls of yarn

I’m crocheting a blanket at the moment.  It’s a basic style with groups of three double crochet (US Term) with a change of color every couple of rounds.  Maybe because it’s a basic blanket, I’ve found myself getting a bit lazy and just using a Weavers Knot to join new balls of yarn….rather than sewing in the ends.

So, just in case you also have the odd moment of feeling a bit lazy, here’s how you do a weavers knot.  It’s the perfect knot for yarn and is pretty much guaranteed to not come undone.  I hope you can follow my little picture here.  If you want to see it done, a quick search on will see you right 🙂  For the last step, pull the three strands in your left hand and the single strand in your right, pulling tightly.  Then just cut the ends off (not tooooo close).

Weavers Knot


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