Blocking your Crochet

Blue Scarf 2.3A few months ago I made a blue scarf.  I had found a pretty lace edge to put on the ends, but when I was making it, it really didn’t look very good…you couldn’t see the pattern at all.  I decided to ‘block’ it, but was too lazy to Google what that really meant or how I should go about it.  So, one ironing board, iron, and several pins later, my scarf took on a whole new look.  Unfortunately I didn’t think to take a ‘before’ photo, but here is the finished product.  You can clearly see the pattern.

My latest project is a cushion, made with Granny Squares (well, really Granny Rectangles).  It will be made up of a variety of lace pattern rectangles, and again I have had the issue where you can’t always clearly see the pattern, and there are uneven edges.  So, out came the ironing board, iron, and several pins… .  This time I took before, during and after photos for you to see.  Note that I pushed the pins so they were flat then used the steam function on my iron.

BeforeBlocking 1

Blocked with pins

Blocking 2

Blocking 3

It is amazing the difference it makes to the general shape and definition of the pattern.

My method might not be quite right (yip, I still haven’t Googled it) but it works for me 🙂


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