Delightful Crochet Hooks

Etimo Comfort Grip SetA few weeks ago I posted about shopping for new ‘ergo’ Crochet Hooks.  After doing a little bit of research looking at reviews, and working out what my ‘style’ was I went for the Tulip Etimo Rose Cushion Grip 10 Pink Crochet Hooks Set which came in a beautiful case, along with scissors and two needles.

They arrived safely via the USA a week or so ago, thanks to my friend who received them and then shipped them on to me here in New Zealand.  (I bought them on Amazon, and the company doesn’t ship outside of the USA).

Since then there has been some envy…my mother-in-law loved the gorgeous case they came in, and the hooks are irresistible in those beautiful shades of pink!

The big question though, is How are they performing?  Well, so far so good.  I haven’t really put them through their paces though as life suddenly got busy and left little time for any down time.  However of the short amount of time I have used them, I have found them very comfortable.  The other great thing is the built in ‘pouch’ which hold scissors, needles and my stitch markets.  I might throw a small pencil in too, I think.

Update:  I’ve been busy again with crochet orders and so have had a chance to put my new hooks through their paces.  I am REALLY pleased with them…not a single hand cramp!  Yay!


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