Shopping for Crochet Hooks

Today’s post, I have to admit, was spurred on by an urge to go shopping.  Luckily (or maybe unfortunately if you are my husband, bank manager etc) I have no aversion to buying online.

So, what was I browsing for?  Crochet hooks.  Since I’m a woman, the fact that I have all the crochet hook sizes that I currently need is quite irrelevant!  And my ‘business case’, should I be challenged by those negative nannies previously mentioned, was that I felt I need to explore what options there are in regards to ergonomically designed crochet hooks.

Who knew that there was actually quite a bit to consider when it comes to crochet hooks so I Googled for a review and found this on a blog called Things Crafty 

In this post the following points are covered.

  1. Crochet hook anatomy
  2. Hook terminology
  3. Points
  4. Grooves
  5. Throats
  6. Shafts
  7. Thumb rests
  8. Handles
  9. Picking the hook that’s right for you
  10. Crochet hook reviews

There is more to this than I thought I would be, so might just have to live life on the ledge and buy what I think will work for me and fits within my budget (hahaha, yeah right!).  I have established that I don’t roll the hook, so can go with a thumb rest.  I’d also like hooks that will aid any hand aches, so that apparently narrows me down to the following brands:

  • Addi Swing – I look the look of this one.
  • Addi Comfort Grip – This looks ‘ordinary’ compared to the Swing version.
  • Etimo Comfort Grip – These look good…and you can get them in pink!
  • ChiaoGoo Comfort Grip – Not so sure about wood.
  • Susan Bates Bamboo Handle – same as above.
  • Kollage Square Hook – The idea of a square hook just doesn’t seem to grab me.

Ok, so narrowed down to the Addi Swing or the Etimo Comfort Grip brands.  Next to consider is availability and price….. half an hour later……I have made my decision!  I’m going to go for the Etimo Comfort Grip Set.  I will admit that I was swayed by the colour, and the cute case that they come in.  I especially liked that there was somewhere to store my scissors and needles and this has been an issue with other crochet hook cases I’ve had.

  • This fourteen piece set includes:
    10 crochet hooks- Sizes: B-1 2.25mm, C-2 2.75mm, D-3 3.25mm, E-4 3.50mm, F-5 3.75mm, G-6 4.00mm, 7 4.50mm, H-8 5.00mm, I-9 5.50mm, J-10 6.00mm
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 2 yarn needles
  • 1 case with tassel

Etimo Comfort Grip Set

I found a set on Amazon for a good price, the only snag being that they don’t ship internationally.  Fortunately, having a Black Belt in shopping, that won’t stop me!  I’ll just get it shipped to a friend’s place and get her to forward it to me J

Woohoo!  Can’t wait!  It just goes to show that shopping online is just as satisfying as physically doing it!


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