Another Blue Scarf

Blue Scarf 2.2A couple of months ago I posted about a blue scarf that I had made.  Unfortunately I was never really happy with it….too wide, not long enough etc.  So, I “frogged” it.  I couldn’t help buy Google this term to see where it came from and Wiki had this to say:

Frog can be used as a verb. In this sense, “to frog” means “to rip out stitches.”

When used this way, the word is slang, and it is also a play on words. It pays tribute to our amphibious friends, the frogs, and their choruses of “ribbit, ribbit, ribbit”. When you discover a mistake in your crochet work, you rip it, rip it, rip it – hence, you frog it.

Blue Scarf 2.3Now that I’d made one scarf, I had more of an idea about what I wanted….you know, narrower, longer….  In the end, I mixed two patterns that I found on the internet.  The body of the scarf uses this wonderfully easy pattern.  I used 4 ply merino yarn, with a 4mm hook because my tension tends to be a little tight.  I also went for the narrower version of 44 stitches.  Maureen Scarf

The beautifully detailed ends use this pattern.  Since one of the ends of my scarf was scalloped, I first did a row of  ch 6, sc, ch 6, dc across.  Richelieu Scarf

I finished the sides off by single crocheting along both edges.  I looks more ‘finished’ this way.  And you definitely need to press the scarf, as mentioned in the Richelieu pattern.

And I can happily report that my new scarf had it’s first outing today, and performed wonderfully! 🙂


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