Fruit Mince Slice

20130501_162341I was having a bit of clear out of the pantry, getting rid of the things that expired (yes, those pesky beggars exist in every pantry, I'[m sure!), when I came across a jar of fruit mince.  I bought it at Christmas time last year, but ended up having enough of the fruit mince that I had made, so hadn’t used it.  Luckily it hadn’t yet expired!

I didn’t want to make anything to tedious…sometime you’re just not in the mood, right?  So I dug out a really yummy fruit mince slice recipe that I’ve used before.  I found it on the Raspberri Cupcakes blog here.

20130501_155700I’ve never followed the recipe entirely….I skip the pitted prunes and glace ginger….purely because I don’t have those items in my pantry and always tend to make this as an impromptu bake.  I also find that the mixture doesn’t cover the size of pan that is recommended, so mine comes out more square than rectangle (I just push the mixture out two thirds of the length of the pan).  And I split the dough one/two thirds instead of 50/50.  Oh, and because I love being a bit extravagant, I roughly spread white and milk chocolate on the top after it has cooled……naughty, naughty…..but yummy!!


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