Raised Flower Granny Square Blanket

Crochet Blanket bOver the New Year holidays I started eyeing up the stash of 8 ply wool that I realised I’d accumulated (in a very short period of time).  There was neither real rhyme nor reason for the colours that I had, except that they all seemed to be primary colours with the odd pastel thrown in.  After mulling it over for a few days, I decided that I would embark on making my second Granny Square blanket, but this time it would be a lot larger.  I also wanted this blanket to present some sort of challenge for me, as making a bunch of squares using double crochet stitch all the time could become a bit monotonous.

Blanket WoolCoupled with all of this, and my love for anything to do with making flowers, I formulated a plan to make a blanket with every second square having a raised flower on it.

So now I had the wool, and the plan….and then realised the perfect person to make this for.  One of my BFF’s LOVES colour!  Her house is filled with colour.  And her birthday was enough months away to give me ample time to embark on this project.

Blanket PricesOne additional thing that I wanted to achieve was to gain a better understanding of how much this was going to cost me.  So I created a spread sheet listing the following for each colour:  colour name, brand, shade, batch, weight of skein, how much I’d used, and cost of a skein.  At the end of the project I weighed each remaining skein and subtracted that from the totals.

Crochet Blanket dYou can find the patterns for some of the flowers listed on my Patterns page.  I haven’t yet written patterns for all of them, as there are about 6 different flower designed that I came up with.

Each granny square is 13cm (5″) square.  It is 6 large squares wide, and 9 squares long.  To widen the blanket I added half sized squares. The border is four rows of double crochet groups of 3, followed by 3 rows of ‘petal’ borders.  I got the pattern for the border from the book “Around the Corner Crochet Borders” which you can buy on Amazon.  This book has 150 borders and is a wonderfully colour instruction book.  The finished blanket is roughly 135cm (53″) x 109cm (43″).

Crochet Blanket eI hope that you like the blanket that I have made and am looking forward to giving to my BFF for her upcoming birthday.  I hope she loves it as much as I do!


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