Angry Birds and “Fluffy” wool

Angry Bird HatHi, I always think that a good hobby should give you plenty of chance to learn new skills….useful or not.  While I was at the wool shop “just to buy 1 ball of wool, honey” I saw this cool ‘fluffy’ yarn made by Moda Vera.  They had great names like ‘Blissful’ and ‘Flurry’.  Who could resist that?  Luckily the Spotlight store I was in had a sample knitted which I could look at and work out that I needed to use a ‘normal’ wool and incorporate this special yarn into it.  So, 10 balls of yarn later I left the store……

I had a few challeneges initially trying to get this new yarn to work.  I was crocheting, not knitting, and naively I thought I would just crochet has normal with the two strands (1 normal wool and the other the Moda Vera yarn).  Wrong.  It was too ‘fluffy’ and I couldn’t see the details of the stitches to work with them, and it was too thick.  So, back to square one.

What I eventually worked out is that I only needed to incorporate it into each stitch once, which with a double crochet stitch was very dooable, and meant that when I got to the next row, I could still see the details of the stitching to know where to put my hook:


I have to say that it was quite time consuming, because you have to stop during each stitch to pick up the fluffy wool, then stop to drop it again.  Still, the effect was worth the effort, I think.

The half double crochet was a bit more tricky, but only really in regards to if you made a mistake and had to unpick it…..the fibres of the fluffy wool grab onto the normal wool, and pullng it though the stitch below seemed to make this even more so, thus making it near on impossible to undo.  So… sure you’ve read your pattern correctly, and are counting.

Half Double

Harrison Owl HatThe yarn that I have used in the Angry Bird’s and Owl hat’s is “Blissful”.  I bought some of the “Flurry” yarn so will see what pattern I can find that will do it justice.  I’m a bit worried that I bought black….the first time I’ve crocheted with black was on the Angry Bird’s hat, and was surprised at how hard it was to see what I was doing.

The pattern for the Angry Bird’s hat can be found here Angry Bird Hat Crochet Pattern, thanks to Kendra’s Crocheted Creatons.  I didn’t crochet the ‘feather’s at the top of the hat because I ran out of red wool, but I think the effect of the knotted strands works well too.  The cute Owl hat pattern can be found here Crochet Owl Hat Pattern, thanks to


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