New Year’s Resolutions

Hello there,


It’s the last day of January 2013, and of course at this time of year one starts to contemplate the meaning of life and all that guff. It got me thinking about whether I could start writing a blog….almost like a New Year’s resolution. We’ll see how long I can stick it out for…..I’ve never been one for New Year resolutions (which is evident given that I’m only just thinking about it at the END of January) and tend to be pretty bad at sticking to them. I did consider for a nano-second trying drinking less wine, but I think I’ll stick to the blogging idea because there’s probably more chance of me committing to that. haha

So, what content will I put in my blog? Knowing me, it’ll mostly be about whichever craft I’m currently addicted to, baking and the two gorgeous fur kids of ours, Zonda and Islay. We’ll see. I actually might have to sit down and give it a bit of thought. I use Facebook a lot to share the photos of my work, but you don’t really get a chance to put a lot of commentary around thoughts, challenge, inspirations etc. That is something I’m looking forward to with the blog.


So, what crafts might I try to inspire you with? Well, I’m currently somewhat addicted to crocheting. A good friend of mine was going for a lesson at her Aunt’s place to get her started…..I think she had great ideas of crocheting blankets for her soon to arrive in this world baby. Or maybe she was being cunning all along, knowing my slightly addictive personality, and that if she got me hooked on crocheting, I could make her blankets for the baby. Well, damn it! It worked. So far she’s received a blanket with matching hat, and a hat that’s an Owl.


I guess you can’t complain too much when your friends know you that well. 🙂 Oh, and in case you were distracted by the beautiful cat in the above photo, that’s our darling ginger girl, Zonda.

My current Crochet project is an Angry Bird hat. Sooooo cute! I LOVE Angry Birds (refer to earlier comment about addiction….). I’m trying to play less often, but seem to have just replaced that with playing Scrabble on our tablet.

Well, that’s probably enough ramblings for my first post.


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